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Pet Boarding FAQs

March 18, 2019

When you first decided to adopt a pet, you probably didn't think too much about what would happen if you ever found yourself temporarily unable to care for her.

After all, most owners intend on looking after their own furbaby as much as possible. Nevertheless, sometimes circumstances dictate that there are a number of days or weeks whereby we need to find temporary alternative accommodation for our animals. This could be for a family vacation, a business trip, because you are having a visit from someone who is allergic to your pet, or even because you need to have a medical procedure that keeps you in a hospital or temporarily unable to look after your pet. It is on these occasions that pet boarding in Gastonia, NC is an intensely valuable resource.

As a caring and conscientious owner, you will of course want to ensure that your pet is properly looked after while you aren't able to. Where better to entrust their care than to a professional boarding service with the experienced staff and facilities to keep her safe and happy. However, if you haven't boarded your pet before, the prospect can be quite daunting.

There are lots of questions that we are regularly asked about pet boarding, and we have compiled this into this pet boarding FAQ list.

Do All Pet Boarding Facilities Offer the Same Services?

Unfortunately, there is a very easy answer to this - no. There can be vast differences between what is offered at one boarding facility and another. Some are fairly basic, offering comfortable accommodation and the day-to-day care that your pet needs but with little more. Others have a variety of different grades of accommodation and a range of additional services such as dental check-ups and clean, wellness appointments, and even grooming services including bathing, clipping, and doggy massage! What you want from your boarding facility will help you to determine which is right for you. Don't forget, going to visit is important since it lets you see the premises first hand and get a feel for the facility and the staff that work there.

Can Any Pet Stay in Boarding?

Although technically there is nothing to stop any pet from staying in boarding, you will quickly find that most facilities do have entry requirements. Some only accept cats while others only take dogs. There are also some that will not accept specific breeds of animals or animals of a certain age. In addition to this, there are usually health policies that your pet must meet. These include things such as having proof of up to date vaccinations and being cleared of any internal or external parasites. If your furbaby doesn't meet these requirements, the facility that you prefer may refuse to board her. Finally, if your furry friend requires medication that will need to be administered while she is boarding, make sure that your chosen facility has staff that is trained and experienced in providing this service.

Can I Have a Say in What My Pet Will Eat while She Is Boarding?

One of the most common misconceptions about pet boarding is that your pet will have to eat what is offered by the facility or go hungry. Fortunately, most boarding services now realize that it is in the best interests of the animal to stick with their usual food products as changing them could cause your furbaby to lose interest in her food and not eat or suffer from digestive problems. Most facilities do offer a range of the most popular brands to choose from, but if your pet's normal chow isn't available, will let you provide your own.

What Will My Pet's Daily Routine Be while in Boarding?

Exactly what your pet will do when she is boarding will depend on the activities that your facility offers and any additional services that you may have booked such as grooming or additional playtimes. When you go to visit your chosen facility, speak to them about what your pet can expect from her time there.

Will My Pet Be Kept Apart from Other Animals?

Again, this is something that can vary depending on the facility that you choose. Typically, all pets should have their own individual space for eating, sleeping, and emptying their bladder and bowels. However, lots of facilities offer communal spaces for supervised playing and will walk dogs in pairs. If your fur baby isn't well socialized and may not enjoy interactions with other animals, you should speak to your chosen boarding facility to make sure that they can cater to her needs for individual care.

Do you have further questions about pet boarding or would like more clarification on any of the questions covered here? Our experienced and knowledgeable pet boarding team based at our animal hospital in Gastonia, NC can help. Call (704) 824-9876 with your questions or to schedule a visit to see our boarding facilities for yourself.